Undercover Missions - Operation Kursk K-141

In the year 2000, Russia lost its Oscar-II nuclear powered submarine with all hands in the Barents Sea. FSB Top Agent Milena Ivanovna Belyaeva is called to the ill-fated submarine during her investigations against a criminal organization stealing Russian weapon systems. A mysterious disappearance of her work partner opens the door to more strange and ill-fated events...

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Fishermen (working title)

Ever dreamed about becoming a tough sea wolf? Then start of your journey in the fishing industry only equipped with a small fishing trawler. Send your ship to different fishing grounds and experience the fast change, because your boats and equipment will become better throughout the game. You may also want to invest your earned money into onshore fish storage and factories in order to produce and sell various products made of fish, as you will grow and expand your business. The competition with other fishermen and the fight against industrial overfishing are other aspects of the game.


Building Houses (working title)

Realize all your architectural and building potential! Various customers may order different projects and have various wishes, which may include size of the house, number of rooms, details like, for example, access to a garden from a living room, but also, of course, limitations like budgets or legal restrictions. Each level starts with discussion about customer’s wishes and ideas concerning their dream house. Find the best solution considering all wishes and creatively plan and build a house that meets all requirements. After successful completion, new customers are waiting..

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